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Are your bandsaw tyres cracked and worn?



Bandsaw tyres should be inspected regularly for wear and tear. Rubber tyres deteriorate and crack over a period of time. This can adversely affect the tracking of your bandsaw blade and make it difficult to keep the blade on the wheels. If your bandsaw tyres are cracked and look like the ones in the pictures, they should be replaced. This is the ideal opportunity to purchase and upgrade to orange Urethane bandsaw tyres. 

Manufacturers and Importers for example Jet, Axminster, Record, Startrite, Sheppach, Kity, Shopsmith, Rexon, Ferm and many more, change or discontinue models. There are over 150 different tyre sizes so finding the correct tyre can be very difficult. 

Working with Sulphur Grove Tool we have identified and listed in our shop the sizes that are available. We stock the most common UK sizes of bandsaw tyre. This enables us to offer these tyres at a competitive price allowing you to take delivery of the tyres you need within a few days. (Subject to availability) Non stock sizes are available made to order.

Shipping. For deliveries other than UK mainland please contact us for a quotation

Advantages of Urethane Tyres

1. Longer lasting
2. Will not dry out
3. No adhesive required
4. Improves blade tracking
5. Helps to reduce vibration

Urethane bandsaw tyres from Sulphur Grove Tool

Sulphur Grove Tool Urethane tyres will not harden or crack like standard factory fitted rubber tyres.

They are longer lasting and stay flexible, extending the blade life. Urethane bandsaw tyres stretch to fit and do not normally need gluing in position. The bright orange colour makes it easier to track a new blade and inspect the tyre. Sulphur Grove Tool Urethane bandsaw tyres are made in the USA. They are designed to fit your bandsaw wheel as an upgrade or to replace the factory fitted tyres.

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